19 mei 2021

Via facebook ontmoette ik Dirk. Hij stelde voor zijn gedicht Yggdrasil toe te voegen aan het schilderij Boom #3/2021. Yggdrasil komt uit de Noorse Mythologie en stelt de wereldboom voor. Tekst van het gedicht sprak mij aan en daarom plaats ik het op mijn website.

12 mei 2021

In mijn atelier staat dit schilderij nog te drogen. Een figuratief schilderij met abstracte tendensen, beetje expressionistisch.

Boom #3/2021
detail boom
Detail van boom #3/2021

Op verzoek van een aantal vrienden voeg ik vandaag nog een filmpje toe aan deze pagina. Het betreft de creatie van Untitled # 5/2021. Zeg maar een broertje van Untitled #4/2021. Binnenkort volgt er meer.


Vandaag ga ik weer verder met het schilderij. Ik heb er een filmpje van gemaakt, zie hieronder.

In the movie you’ll see the creation of my oilpainting Untitled #4/2021, have a look.

Untitled #4/2021

Today I start with this blog. This artblog, as I call it, shows the developments of the art I’m making. I had some creative ideas to realize. Ofcourse abstract ideas which I have to visualize. It may sound strange to visualize an abstract idea, but in my head it sometimes happened. Then from my mind to the canvas or linen is a big challenge. Especially when ther’s too little time. But today I worked in my studio. I had some ideas to be worked out. I thought that, looking at the pictures that I had made from my work and analyses it, I found that in some paintings, some details are worth it to work it out. The paintings arise spontaneously and afterwards I see details which are so attractive beautiful that I have to do something with it.

First I’ve to start with the ground. If you have seen my paintings (see abstract expression) then you know that I usely use sand for a special effect with the surface. Using sand in different thicknesses will create more expression.

the ground

In this picture you see sand on linen, drying. Its glued and it will take a few days before I can go further. The ground is meant for this picture below. This picture is taken from a bigger painting which I create sometime ago.


So, these are the first steps to create a new painting. There are more paintings in the near future which I will analyse, and mayby to use them as a source of inspiration. First steps are made.